Active Tenders

Sl. Tender No Tender Date Closing Date Subject Download
1 1st Corrigendum of e-Tender Notice No. 18/EE(E/M)/EBSD/EM/KMDA/eT-18 of 2022-23 22-03-2023 24-03-2023 1st Corrigendum. (1225) New Icon PDF Icon
2 1st Corrigendum Notice of Tender Notice No. KMDA/W&S/SE/MAT/02/2022-23 21-03-2023 05-04-2023 1st Corrigendum Notice. (1216) New Icon PDF Icon
3 N.I.Q. No. 12/EE/WBD/SD&SWM/KMDA of 2022-23 21-03-2023 23-03-2023 Street play (Patha Natika) related public awareness program to keep Nayanjali clean at four location from Ultadanga to Dum Dum Park via Lake Town crossing. New Icon PDF Icon
4 Pre-Tender Notice No. of 03/SE(P)/GAP/W&S/KMDA/T-1 20-03-2023 27-03-2023 Engagement of Consultant for preparation of Master Plan of River Centric Development of Cities / Towns and Bridging Gap of Sewage & Septage Treatment Capacity, Interception & Diversion / Sewerage Network Connections and Liquid Waste Management (LWM) in Cities / Towns in Ganga River and its Tributary Basin for projected population on 2042 in the State of West Bengal. (1239) New Icon PDF Icon
5 N.I.Q. No. 41/2022-2023 20-03-2023 24-03-2023 Printing and supply of Stationary Items for 195th Authority Meeting as per the enclosed schedule at the Constitution Cell of KMDA at Unnayan Bhavan, Salt Lake City, DJ-11, Sector-II, Kolkata-700 091. New Icon PDF Icon
6 Notice Inviting Tender No. EE(E/M)/GAP-I/EM/KMDA/T-14 of 2022-23 20-03-2023 05-04-2023 Dismantling, repairing, overhauling, testing & commissioning with changing damaged spare parts due to flashover of HT Breaker Panel(6.6KV) at Ichapur MPS HOWRAH. New Icon PDF Icon
7 Notice Inviting Tender No. 13/EE/BD/W&S/KMDA of 2022-23 (2nd Call) 16-03-2023 06-04-2023 Emergent replacement of 150mm dia. ductile iron single chamber air released valve (2 Nos.) near CRWPS, Baranagar Kamarhati Water Treatment Plant, Ph-II and near Gate No-2 of Baranagar Kamarhati Water Treatment Plant Campus in connection to the Trans Municipal Surface Water Supply pipe line for North Dum Dum, South Dum Dum and Dum Dum Municipalities. New Icon PDF Icon
8 e-Tender Notice No. EE/(Divn.X)/T- 05 of 2022-23 16-03-2023 05-04-2023 Construction of cable trenche (200 M) from Substation 1 to Substation 2 (new location) at the premises of 55 MGD WTP at Uttarpara. (1228) New Icon PDF Icon
9 Notice Inviting Tender No. EE(E/M)SWTP/T-27 of 2022-23 15-03-2023 06-04-2023 Repairing of flash mixture assembly and air pipe line network at Filter house under SWTP, KMDA. New Icon PDF Icon
10 Notice Inviting Tender No. 08/EE/HSRD/R&B/KMDA of 2022-2023 15-03-2023 24-03-2023 Emergent repair of Footpath near Howrah Subway Gate no- 10 and Gate no-11 at Howrah station area. New Icon PDF Icon
11 e-Tender Notice No. 09/EE/HSRD/R&B/KMDA OF 2022-2023 15-03-2023 29-03-2023 Opening and closing of all gates of Howrah Main Subway, Ferry Ghat Subway & Underpass Subway under HSRD for one year. (1220) New Icon PDF Icon
12 Notice Inviting Tender No. 48/EE/ED-II/EM/KMDA OF 2022-23 14-03-2023 31-03-2023 Supply, delivery and installation of 2'X2' fittings at different offices of Unnayan Bhavan, Salt Lake. New Icon PDF Icon
13 Notice Inviting Tender No. 04/EE/DIV-III/W&S/KMDA of 2022-23 14-03-2023 27-03-2023 Temporary Shifting of 500 mm dia C.I pipe by M.S pipe from middle of the road to over the Footpath of Newly Constructed Chadial Bridge under Budge Budge Municipality. (1215) New Icon PDF Icon
14 e-Tender No. EE(E/M)SWTP/T-26 of 2022-23 14-03-2023 28-03-2023 Restoration of faulty Star-Delta Starter panel for Pump unit at Bay No.-2 (150 KW) along with restoration of faulty Star-Delta Starter panel for Vacuum Pump unit at Bay No.-1 (30 KW) at RWPS of Serampore Water Treatment Plant under KMDA. (1219) New Icon PDF Icon
15 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/Civil/e-NIT-21/EE/CD-II/E&AM/2022-2023 14-03-2023 06-04-2023 Execution of Civil works in connection with the work of Electro Mechanical and Civil Works of complete rejuvenation of electric crematorium furnace and allied works, units at Muktarpur Burning Ghat under Bhatpara Municipality. (1217) New Icon PDF Icon
16 1st Corrigendum of e-Tender No. EE(E/M)/JNNURM-I/T-09 of 2022-23 (2nd Call) 13-03-2023 27-03-2023 1st Corrigendum. (1194) New Icon PDF Icon
17 Notice Inviting e-Tender No. 31/SE(Cons.)/E&AM/KMDA of 2022-23 13-03-2023 31-03-2023 Repair and Upgradation of Rabi Aranya Park at CE Block, Salt Lake, Sector-I, Kolkata-700064, Ward No. 31, under Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation. (1211) New Icon PDF Icon
18 e-Tender No. EE(E/M)SWTP/T-25 of 2022-23 13-03-2023 27-03-2023 Day to day maintenance for power and control network at different pump houses from TS-02 to TS-10 except the major work of pump motor unit under integration / SWTP for one (01) year. (1218) New Icon PDF Icon
19 e-Tender Notice No. 19/EE(E/M)/EBSD/EM/KMDA/eT-19 of 2022-23 13-03-2023 13-04-2023 Modification of the existing damaged illumination system at North Barrackpore Clear Water Pump House (Nayabasti). (1213) New Icon PDF Icon
20 e-Tender Notice No. 20/EE(E/M)/EBSD/EM/KMDA/eT-20 of 2022-23 13-03-2023 13-04-2023 Repairing, servicing of VT pump of pump no.-4 at Raw Water Pumping Station under Bansberia Water Treatment Plant, Bansberia. (1214) New Icon PDF Icon
21 e-NIT No. 13/EE/South/SD&SWM/KMDA of 2022-23 10-03-2023 29-03-2023 Cleaning jungles, Silt Clearance & Excavation of Rail ditch (both side of rail track) from Milan Pally Hanuman Mandir to Nayer Palli Rail Culvert at Ward no-14 & 15 under Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality. (1205) New Icon PDF Icon
22 NIQ- 01 /EE/HD/SD&SWM/KMDA of 2023-24 09-03-2023 23-03-2023 Calculate the Area and Volume of Landfill, Geotechnical Investigation & Determination of In-Situ Density of Belgachia Dumping Ground under Howrah Municipal Corporation using Drones. New Icon PDF Icon
23 NIQ No - 02/EE/HD/SD&SWM/KMDA of 2023-24 09-03-2023 23-03-2023 Calculate the Area and Volume of Landfill, Geotechnical Investigation & Determination of In-Situ Density of Chandmari Dumping Ground under Bally Municipality using Drones. New Icon PDF Icon
24 e-Tender Notice No. SE(GRWW)/T-02 of 2022-23 09-03-2023 08-04-2023 Shifting of 500mm Dia C.I. pipe (and replacing it by 500mm Dia M.S. pipe) and two nos. 350mm Dia MS pipe including 40m long MS pipe carrying bridge for 500mm Dia pipe at Charial Bridge under Budge Budge Municipality. (1200) New Icon PDF Icon
25 e-NIT No. 05/EE/EMD/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 09-03-2023 31-03-2023 Repairing of crack at the cylindrical wall of the Elevated Service Reservoir (ESR) at Orakandi ward No-09 by using Epoxy grouting and allied civil works under New Barrackpore Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
26 e-Tender NIT No. SE(D&P)/T-01 of 2022-23 09-03-2023 10-04-2023 Operation and Maintenance of 10 MGD Surface water treatment plant (both for Civil and E&M component of works) including supply of coagulants (Alum & PAC), Liquid Chlorine, Cleaning compound ,Sludge disposal and supply of required laboratory test reports etc. for 10 MGD WTP constructed under STATE scheme within the premises of Padmapukur WTP, District-Howrah, for a period of 36 months. (1204) New Icon PDF Icon
27 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/E-M/EE/MD-I/NIT-09 of 2022-23 (2nd Call) 09-03-2023 06-04-2023 Operation and maintenance & guarding of Electro-mechanical equipments of Clear Water Pumping Station, Sub-station, yard lighting for 6 MGD capacity WTP of ward no. 12 & 13 under Kanchrapara Municipality. (1203) New Icon PDF Icon
28 NIT No. : 09/EE/ED-VI/E-M/KMDA of 2022-2023 06-03-2023 24-03-2023 Casing type electrical wiring for hutments at EJC Yard near Garden Reach Flyover, Kolkata New Icon PDF Icon
29 e-Tender NIT No. 20/SE/C-III/R&B/KMDA of 2022-23 06-03-2023 24-03-2023 Painting works of Chetla RCC Bridge. (1196) New Icon PDF Icon
30 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/HOUSING/EE/DIV-III/Circle II/NIT-151/2022-2023 06-03-2023 24-03-2023 Construction of boundary wall along road side of Block-B in Housing Scheme No. XXXV-R at Christopher Road. (1199) New Icon PDF Icon
31 e-Tender Notice No. 24/EE/ED-III/EM/KMDA of 2022-23 06-03-2023 24-03-2023 (1) Supply erection of Pole, repairing of pole, feeder Pillar Box including rectification of cable fault and some allied works surrounding Nazrul Mancha within Rabindra Sarabar. (2) Repairing of Feeder Pillar Box door, Pole Base, Pole Slot including rectification of cable fault and some allied works on ROB Baghajatin. (1195) New Icon PDF Icon
32 e-NIT No. KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-VI/09 of 2022-23 06-03-2023 15-04-2023 Construction of (G plus12) storied Residential Building at 44/A, Jainuddin Mistry Lane at premises No-2. Gobinda Auddy Road, Chetla, Kolkata-700027, under Housing Sector, KMDA. (1201) New Icon PDF Icon
33 e-Tendering NIT No. 11/SE(P)/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 03-03-2023 10-04-2023 Design, drawing, construction & commissioning of Nine (9) nos. Structural M.S pipe carrying bridge covering total span of 250.00 Mtr on pile foundation along with supplying & laying of M.S carrier pipe 600 mm dia over the bridges with necessary restoration and all other allied works from Kalyani 30 MGD WTP to proposed 1 MG UGR at Baro Jaguli more along Kalyani Expressway via Jonepur more to Baro Jaguli for the project of Water Supply Scheme of Haringhata Municipality. (1186) New Icon PDF Icon
34 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/EM/EE/ED-V/NIT-08/2022-23 03-03-2023 24-03-2023 Dehydration & filtration of 315KVA,11KV/0.433KV oil Transformer including Repairing and servicing of HSC pump-set of rating 700 m³/hr (Discharge), 42Mtr (Head) and motor of rating 132KW, 415Volt at Booster Pumping Station under Gayeshpur Municipality. (1187) New Icon PDF Icon
35 e-NIT No. 16/EE/HGD/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 (2nd Call) 03-03-2023 31-03-2023 750 mm dia M.S. transmission main interconnected with CWR to 1 MG UGR including installation of valve and other allied works and also construction of permanent road restoration work with paver block at 140 MLD WTP under Madhyamgram Municipality under State Fund. (1189) New Icon PDF Icon
36 e-Tender NIT No. 20/SE/C-II/R&B/KMDA/W-28 (Part-VI) of 2022-23 (3rd Call) 02-03-2023 28-03-2023 Kite string repellent at most urgent on Samprity Flyover to prevent accidents, specially for two wheelers owing to thread of flying kites between Jinjira Bazar to Batanagar (P-60 to P-115) Phase-I. New Icon PDF Icon
37 Notice Inviting e-tender No. 09/SE/C-I/R&B/KMDA of 202-2023 02-03-2023 25-03-2023 The work for Cleaning & Upkeeping work of underpass near Milan Mela & Energy Park for 2023-2024. (1180) New Icon PDF Icon
38 e-Quotation Notice No. KMDA/GAP/SE(N)/NIQ-07/2022-2023 (2nd Call) 02-03-2023 12-04-2023 (1) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Champdani DVC Canal Identified by CPCB in Interception and Diversion Mode. (2nd Call). (2) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Bally Khal Identified by CPCB in Interception and Diversion Mode. (2nd Call). (3) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Baidyabati Khal Identified by CPCB in Interception and Diversion Mode. (2nd Call). (4) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Khardah Khal Identified by CPCB in Interception and Diversion Mode. (2nd Call). (5) Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Rishra New Icon PDF Icon
39 e-Tendering NIT No. 15/EE/HGD/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 02-03-2023 31-03-2023 Repairing and renovation work, including making drain, repairing of rolling shutter, repairing of pump house floor slab maintaining proper slope and others civil repairing works at Mallickbari pump house (Ph - II) under Kamarhati Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
40 e-NIT No. KMDA/WS/GAP/SE(GAP)/NIT-02/2022-23 01-03-2023 30-03-2023 Survey, Design, Drawing, Construction, Testing, Commissioning with 5 (Five) Years of Operation & Maintenance of Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) of Capacity 50 KLD at Burdwan Municipal Town for Pollution Abatement of River Ganga (2nd Call). (1174) New Icon PDF Icon
41 e-NIT No. KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-IV/05 of 2022-23 (2nd Call) 01-03-2023 13-04-2023 Design, Drawing, Construction and Commissioning, 03(three) months Trial Run and 01(one) year O&M of all Civil and Electromechanical Works on Turn Key Basis for the work of Infrastructure Development Work for 350 KLD Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Footwear Park in Calcutta Leather Complex Bantala, 24 Parganas. (South) 2nd call. New Icon PDF Icon
42 e-NIT No. KMDA/CIVIL/HOUSING/SE/C-VI/08 of 2022-23 01-03-2023 08-04-2023 Construction of 112 Dwelling Units (Phase-III) at Keorapukur for TollyNallah encroachers under Housing Sector, KMDA. (1178) New Icon PDF Icon
43 e-Tender NIT No. 07/SE/C-V/R&B/KMDA of 2022-2023 27-02-2023 24-03-2023 (1) Construction of Concrete Road Maliapara (near house of Srikanta Genri) to Dhitara (near house of Swapan Ruidas) Under Singur Development Block, Hooghly. (2) Construction of Concrete Road from Gourangapur (Delhi Road) to Telipukur via Dhabapukur Under Singur Development Block, Hooghly. New Icon PDF Icon
44 e-Tendering NIT No. 12/SE(FAWS-II)/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 (2nd Call) 27-02-2023 31-03-2023 (1) Design, Drawing & Construction, commissioning of RCC Intze/rectangular 1700 M3 RCC Elevated Service Reservoir on 20 m staging height at Subhasnagar, Ward no 29 under Serampore Municipal area AMRUT 2.0. (2) Supply and Laying of 350mm dia DI (K-7) and 400mm dia DI (K-9) including permanent road restoration along with all interconnections, appurtenance structures within Ward no 29 under Serampore Municipal area AMRUT 2.0. (3) Construction of Boundary Wall with gate at different old ESRs, Renovation of different dia valve with valve chamber & Repairing/renovation of 3 nos. existing RCC ESR wit New Icon PDF Icon
45 e-Tender No. EE(E/M)/GAP-II/T-09 of 2022-23 22-02-2023 28-03-2023 Dredging, desilting & cleaning strainer guard of the Suction intake for 6 pumps and adjoining areas under the jetty at Nazirgunj, Howrah (both AMRUT side and STATE side) jetty mounted Raw Water Intake Station under KMDA for a period of 1 (one) year. (1147) New Icon PDF Icon
46 e-Tendering NIT No. 11/SE(FAWS-II)/W&S/KMDA of 2022-2023 20-02-2023 23-03-2023 Supplying, Laying of 160mm (OD) & 110mm (OD) HDPE (Grade PE-100, PN-6) distribution pipe network including interconnection, permanent road restoration & ancillary works within Chandannagar Municipal Corporation at Zone. I, Ward No. 1, 2 under AMRUT-2.0. and 17 nos. more (1143) New Icon PDF Icon
47 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/WS/GAP/SE(S)/NIQ-02/22-23 15-02-2023 13-04-2023 Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for pollution abatement by sewerage project (interception and diversion with STP) of river Saraswati-the tributary-cum-distributary of river Ganga. (1133) New Icon PDF Icon
48 e-Tender Notice No. KMDA/WS/GAP/SE(N)/NIT-15/22-23 15-02-2023 01-04-2023 Renovation & replacement of old Sewer Line along with design, construction of UGLS including 5 years Operation & Maintenance of the same at Bhatpara Municipality. (1138) New Icon PDF Icon