Advance Planning Unit

Name and Designation of the Head of Unit Amlan Konch, Director-in-charge, Advance Planning Unit, KMDA
Brief Description and Functions

Advance Planning Unit (APU) carries out different levels of planning exercises such as preparation and updating of Maps and Database, Development Plans for Peri-urban areas and New Settlements, Infrastructure Development Plans, Transit Oriented Development Plan and Environment Management Plan, Perspective Plan of KMA.
APU has also been engaged in formulating and reviewing different norms and policies such as Green Building Norms and Road Safety Policy in recent past. The planning unit is also engaged in studying the trend and pattern of urban growth within KMA as well as the impact of Flyovers and Metro-railway.
Advance Planning Unit also provides handholding support to the activities of Statutory Planning Unit especially in preparation of Land Use and Development Control Plans (LUDCPs).
Recently APU is actively engaged in Planning and Designing of Theme township 'Samriddhi' at Kalyani, Nadia.

Organisational structure in Hierarchy