Common Service Cell

Name & Designation of the head of Common Service Cell, Hq. Sri Debasish Chakraborty (SpecialSecretary)
Brief Description and Functions
  • Central Receive and Despatch
  • Engagement of hired Vehicles in different Offices of Unnayan Bhavan
  • Arrangement of Tea/Coffee/ Refreshment for various meeting , Programme etc.
  • Arrangement of National Flag Hosting Ceremony
  • Purchase of Stationary and other materials for official of KMDA and CS cell store
  • Booking of Auditorium (Mahanayak Mancha) of Unnayan Bhavan.
  • Purchase of Electronic Appliances
  • Purchase of Furniture
  • Repairing of Office Furniture
  • Repairing of Electronic Appliances
  • Printing of Office I Card & Pensioner I Card
  • Purchase and distribution of liveries for KMDA Employee
  • Housekeeping ,Sweeping and Cleaning
Origanisational structure in Hierarchy