Estate & Asset Management Sector

Name & Designation of the Head of Sector Sri Sanjay Paul, Chief Engineer, E&AM Sector, KMDA.
Brief Description and Functions

In pursuance of KMDA order no. 273/KMDA/2M-5/2016 dtd. 01.04.2017, of the CEO, KMDA, All regular maintenance works of own assets like UnnayanBhawan, Materials, Crematorium, Township development projects like Baruipur , Kalyani,EKADP & BPADP Township Project, various auditorium, administrative Building, Town Hall,market complex, Howrah Fish Market, Floating Market at Patuli, Firestation ,ITI Complex, Tele Academy etc. under the scheme of deposit works, riverfront development works and Beautification of Ghats, field survey of land as required ,Gardening and beautification of various parks and maintenance of RabindraSarobar and Subhas Sarobar taken care of by this sector.

Organizational Structure in Hierarchy