Finance wing

Name & Designation of the Head of Wing Surendra Kumar Shaw, Director of Finance
Brief Description and Functions

Finance wing KMDA looks after the financial matters of KMDA and plays a pivotal role in all Finance related activities in respect of stakeholders of KMDA. The following roles and responsibilities are performed by the Finance Directorate:

  1. Arrangement of receipt and monitoring of all payments
  2. Preparation and compilation of annual budget of KMDA and onward submission to UD&MA Dept.
  3. Preparation of Annual Statement of Accounts of KMDA.
  4. Maintenance of PF Account of KMDA employees
  5. Disbursement of pension and other retirement benefits to the pensioners of KMDA
  6. Tax related matters
  7. Liaison regarding financial matters with UD&MA dept, Finance Dept, AG West Bengal, IT Authority, GST Authority and banks
Organizational structure in Hierarchy