Law Cell

Name & Designation of the Head of Sector  

Sri Tusar Kanti Biswas, WBCS(Exe.)

 Additional Secretary, Law Cell, KMDA.
Brief Description and Functions

Law Cell

The Law Cell of KMDA is solely responsible for looking after the legal matters related to the functioning of this statutory body. This Cell exercises its function in coordination with other Sectors, Cells and Units of KMDA.

Functions of Law Cell:

  • Law Cell, KMDA looks over the legal matters related to the functioning of KMDA.There are several litigations relating to KMDA mainly at Hon’ble Supreme Court, Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta and lower Courts including Ld Court at Alipore, Ld Court at Barasat, Ld Court at Howrah and few cases at Ld Court at Sealdah.
  • Law Cell looks after litigations in various courts, maintains liaison with the different Units, Cells, Sectors of KMDA.
  • Law Cell is also responsible for engagement of Ld Advocate in the litigations before different Courts, keeping track of all the Court cases, seeking statement of facts from the different sectors, Cells, Units and forwarding the same to the Ld Advocates for preparing the Affidavits to be filed before the respective Courts.
  • Legal Opinion regarding various issues pertaining to works and other related clauses contained in agreements between sectors concerned and external agency of litigated matters, is sought from Ld Advocates which are forwarded through Law Cell.
Origanisational structure in Hierarchy