Programme , Monitoring and Co-ordination Sector

Name & Designation of the Head of Sector

1. Sri Sumanta Chakraborty, Chief Engineer, Programme, Monitoring & Co- Ordination Sector (Design & Vetting Unit)

2. Asraful Islam, Chief Engineer, Programme, Monitoring & Co- Ordination Sector

Brief Description & Function

PM&C Sector, KMDA (Programming, Monitoring & Co-ordination Sector, KMDA) are responsible for following nature of works:

  1. Issuance of AA&FS from KMDA in accordance with the G.O. from UD & MA Dept. GoWB as well as deposit works from different departments under Govt. of West Bengal.
  2. All the documents in the form of PPT, compiling and organizing different types of reports for readily accessibility for the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal as well as different ministries under Govt. of West Bengal on behalf of CEO, KMDA.
  3. Status reports of different projects under Govt. of West Bengal & Govt. of India.
  4. Various types of reports regarding multi-various projects undertaken by KMDA all over KMA and Non KMA areas.
Organisational structure in hierarchy
  1. Chief Engineer
  2. Additional Chief Engineer
  3. Superintending Engineer
  4. Executive Engineer
  5. Assistant Engineer
  6. Junior Engineer
  7. Administrative Officer
  8. Assistant Administrative Officer
  9. Section Officer
  10. Head Assistant
  11. Senior Assistant
  12. TCC
  13. Record Supplier
  14. Duftry
  15. Attendant