Public Relation Cell

Name & Designation of the Head of Cell Special Secretary, Public Relations Cell, KMDA
Brief Description and Functions

Public Relations Cell, KMDA predominantly deals with the Advertising matters of KMDA in various medium like newspaper, television and outdoor. Public Relations Cell carries out the function of day to day publication of Tender Advertisement through I&CA department, Government of West Bengal via UD & MA department, GoWB .

Public Relations Cell, KMDA also arranges for the Display Advertisement in newspaper for each inauguration project of KMDA which are generally inaugurated by the Hon’ble MIC/MOS(IC) of UD & MA dept. GoWB or the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal. Further, Public Relations Cell, KMDA executes several other works related to the inauguration programme like designing and printing of invitation cards, making of backdrop & hoarding relevant for the inauguration and making of inaugural plaque. In few occasion, PR Cell also performs the responsibility of making TVC advertisement for any project of KMDA through the Government of West Bengal designated Advertisement agency which is then used for the inauguration of that project.

Another very important aspect of PR Cell is the maintenance of KMDA website and daily uploading of Tender documents in that website.

PR Cell has been entrusted with the job of dealing with Hoarding & Gantry sites of KMDA. This part of work involves collection of license fees from time to time and facilitating the renewal process of agencies if desired by the Competent Authority. Presently, 17 (seventeen) V-type hoarding sites and 03 (three) gantries are under the purview of this cell.

Every year KMDA Diary is published by this Cell. PR Cell also handles the distribution of Dairies to concerned sectors, units and wings of KMDA within stipulated time.

Public Relations Cell, KMDA every year organizes the social awareness programme during Chhath Puja through various publicity tools in order to prevent Chhath devotees from performing worships at the Lake according to the Order of the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal. The tools involve Hording, banners, audio-visual, tableau, leaf-let, public announcement etc.

Organisational structure in Hierarchy