Water Supply Wings under Water & Sanitation Sector

Name & Designation of the head of the Sector

1. Sri Sisir Kumar Baidya, Chief Engineer (Works & Monitoring) Water & Sanitation Sector

2. Sri Rupak Kumar Das, Chief Engineer-in-Charge (Administration and Finance) Water & Sanitation Sector & W&S (Materials Wing) 

Brief Description and Functions

The main function of the water supply wing is to implement/execute the Augmentation of water supply scheme at different Municipality of West Bengal under AMRUT, State Fund, Special Infrastructure Fund. All repair and maintenance works of such projects during warranty period and thereafter is taken by this sector.

Organisational structure in Hierarchy
  1. Additional Chief Engineer- 1 No
  2. Superintending Engineer- 9 Nos
  3. Executive Engineer- 24 Nos